ARCO '06

February 9 - 13, 2006

ARCO celebrates her 25th edtion and in this occasion will participate no less than 278 galleries (70% foreigners), that will show the works of 3.000 artists. These records turn Madrid in one of the capitals of international gallerism, at the head of the old continent.
As usual, each year ARCO opens its doors to the public with a special guest, a guest from it would like to show all that happens in its plastic room, and if the last year was Mexico the center of attention now the organization of the Fair proposes us to know the Austria art.

Nobuyoshi Araki
Hannah Collins
Liam Gillick
Peter Halley
Jenny Holzer
Alix Lambert
Alex Katz
Clifford Ross
Jane Simpson
Xavier Veilhan
Leo Villareal
José María Yturralde